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CCTV is a powerful surveillance tool and is becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential settings. The presence of a surveillance camera can act as a deterrent for would-be criminals. Cameras offer the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor usage, and the ability to cover large and small areas beyond the scope of the naked eye.

Security Systems

NNorth London Fire & Security Systems can install surveillance cameras which transmit images to your security station, enabling trained operators to observe your site at the push of a button, and even shadow suspicious characters around the premises.

Wireless CCTV

Running cables, wires, trunking and containment is not always possible, in some circumstances, such as heritage sites and listed buildings, it’s unthinkable. We can solve the problem by installing CCTV systems with wireless remote communication.

Covert CCTV

This is usually used in circumstances where theft or a crime is strongly suspected and video evidence is required to support any criminal allegation. Our solution is to complete the installation out of normal working hours or under the guise of other works (such as an electrician changing a light). This reduces suspicion when we’re working in an area where the incident/s are taking place.


We can upgrade your existing system or install a new CCTV system. Video servers or digital video recorders can be connected to the internet and viewed and operated remotely from anywhere in the world.


This application utilises an existing Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) by using the existing IT cable network. Digital cameras are installed with their own IP address and are controlled by a PC or video server. In layman’s terms, the cameras and control we install are part of the existing computer mainframe and reduce installation costs by having no wiring to complete.


Continued maintenance of a CCTV system is very important. Although the modern digital recorder has fewer moving parts than its humble counterpart the VCR, your system should be periodically inspected by a qualified engineer. This will maximise your investment and enable your system to provide the best possible recorded images.


Intruder AlarmsOur security solutions are designed by our senior security-systems specialists and can be custom-made to perfectly suit your requirements to ensure peace of mind.


Fire AlarmsWe supply, install and service all types of fire alarm systems, including conventional, analogue, addressable and wireless systems.


CCTVWe are experienced installers of CCTV in domestic, light commercial and industrial settings, offering superior maintenance and support to all our customers.

Access Control

Access Control We offer a wide range of access control systems tailored to your individual needs, including stand-alone and networked access control systems.