Intruder Alarms

We firmly believe that every home and business needs a security system to deter uninvited guests. We design and install insurance approved, wired or wireless intruder alarms for both domestic and commercial clients.

Wireless System

We have a wide range of wireless alarm systems which are quick to install, efficient and mess-free. No unsightly wires are required to be run through your walls to link the alarm sensors to the control panel.

Whilst, in our experience, this package accommodates most traditional style properties, we provide a fully bespoke system design service that safeguards the most demanding security requirements.

External Sounder
Our external sounders are designed to keep burglars away by being a visual deterrent. The units are slimline, robust and weatherproof. Our own-branded high level sounder, twin alternating LED's, front and rear tamper-proofing.
Passive Infrared Detector
Detection devices are fitted within the premises. Once triggered by an intruder, it sends a signal to the control panel which activates the internal and external sounders immediately. These detectors come in two types: a normal PIR room sensor or a PET sensor used in areas where pets are located.
Door and Window Contact
These devices are fitted to doors and windows and as part of your entry door. Once set, the opening of a door or window will activate the alarm system on the entry door to start the entry times and switch the alarm system off.

  • Fits onto doors or windows
  • Triggers an alarm signal once a door/window is opened
Remote Keypad
The keypad is normally installed at the entrance lobby. The unit is used to set and unset the alarm system via a code. For systems that are monitored for policing, a key fob is used to set and unset the intruder alarm system. The keypad has the following functions:

  • Full set and night set function
  • Inbuilt panic button
  • Up to 15 different user codes
  • 500 event code logs
  • Special code for guests and cleaners
Internal Sounder
The internal sounder is normally located in the entrance lobby. When an alarm activation occurs, the internal sounder will trigger a high level external sounder.
Backup Battery
The intruder alarm system comes with a changeable rechargeable battery which will keep the alarm system fully functional for up to twelve hours in the event of a loss of mains power.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Systems function as normal for up to 12 hours
  • Recharges automatically direct from the intruder control panel
Dummy External Box
In additional to a live bell which, in most cases, is fitted to the front elevation of the property, we also install a dummy unit to other parts of the property as an additional deterrent.
Optional Detection Devices

Optional Detection Devices

These include:

  • All wireless devices
  • Shock sensor
  • Flood sensor
  • Glass break sensor
  • Panic button
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
Optional Monitoring

Optional Monitoring

These include:

  • DualCom smart app GPRS
  • BT RedCare

Newly Installed Alarm Systems

All new audible systems purchased from North London Security include twelve months’ maintenance. The alarm system is sold to you outright and does not form any part of a rental agreement. During the first year, the contract is fully inclusive: all parts, call out and labour charges are covered for any equipment-related problems. Anything beyond our control (e.g. vandalism, willful or accidental damage) would be chargeable. Also, unlike some companies, we don’t charge for 'out of normal office hours' calls during your first twelve months.

Twelve months after installation, you will receive your invoice and the offer of a continued maintenance contract. Contracts are optional, and cover a maximum period of twelve months. We don’t require you to sign up to three, five or ten-year periods, unlike the contracts of certain other companies in the industry.

However, it may be a requirement of your insurance company to continue to have your system maintained, particularly if you have negotiated a discount on your premium. We would recommend you check your policy with your insurance company before deciding.


The police will not necessarily attend an emergency call made to them in respect of a ‘audible only’ system. This will depend on (i) whether the caller alerting them can see signs of intruders still on the property, in which case they’ll generally respond rapidly, and (ii) the police workload at that particular point in time.

The main communication methods available to send signals to an ARC are: Digital Communicator, BT RedCare.

DualCom GPRS

DualCom GPRS is an advanced communication device for secure alarm reporting, compliant to Grade 2, 3 and 4 of the EN standards. DualCom GPRS is a totally integrated, dual-signalling device using both telephone and Vodafone network paths. This combination ensures an alarm signal can be transmitted despite deliberate or accidental failure of either path.

Intruder Alarm Repair

At North London Security, we can repair or replace most alarm panels. Our engineers will attend your property, check over your system and advise if it is feasible to repair the system. When we arrive, we will tell you if the system is repairable straight away, but the decision to carry out the repair is yours. It’s our policy not to charge for any service, repair or additional components without your express agreement.

If it transpires that it would be cheaper and more cost effective to replace the faulty unit with a new one, replacements include the control panel, detector, contacts etc.

In most cases, we can usually tell you if we can repair the system and if we carry the necessary parts for it without even needing to visit – just tell us the make and model number of the intruder alarm panel.

Maintenance Plans

Once you have wisely invested in an intruder alarm system to protect your family, home and possessions, it’s important to keep it in good working order so that your system will deliver the protection you require at all times. We provide a comprehensive service and maintenance plan for all types of alarm systems.


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